Review: Survival Knife By Cavazos Knives

Survival Knife

Survival Knife





Quality of Construction


Duribility / Edge Retentio





  • Amazing Design
  • Solid Build Quality


  • Too Large for EDC

We have all spent hours looking at knives, in search of a great survival knife. We have all purchased subpar knives from the big box stores that fall apart after just one or two camping trips. Alfonso Cavazos at Cavazos Custom Knifes has just made everything a lot easier for us.

Alfonso Cavazos has been making knives for over 15 years before he decided to really pursue his passion, handcrafting one of a kind knives. By just looking at his work you can see his passion for knife making, the add entire to detail is amazing. This survival knife is no different.

To properly review this knife, we needed to first determine the qualities needed to make a great survival knife. We are not talking about all the big box store “survival” knives that are made overseas with inaccurate compasses and cheap steel. We mean a knife that when your life is on the line, it can be the difference in getting home to your family.

Survival Knife qualities:

  • Strong
  • Full Tang
  • Fixed Blade
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Easy to Control
  • Not too Large, Not too Small

Most experts would agree that anything more than this is just a bonus, but what if you can have all these qualities and more? Wouldn’t that increase your chance of survival?

Things Like:

  • Gut Hook
  • Serrated Spine
  • Ferro Rod Striker
  • Bottle Opener
  • Ambidextrous
  • Included Sharpener
  • Included Lighter

Well, Alfonso Cavazos has included all these extras without sacrificing any of the necessities. From the small things like a ferro rod striker to the spear-like shape, this knife is designed to ensure you make it home when you are out in wild.

The Truth is in the Details


The blade is made of L6 carbon steel, 56 Rockwell hardness with gut hook, ferro rod scraper section serrated spine and bottle opener on the back of the blade.


Is made with highly durable Micarta, bought sides that way can be left or right, all you do is flip the knife on the same sheath.


Left and right hand, High quality vegetable tan leather, hand stitched with flat belt loop and gun clip and flint match, sealed with brown acorn finish and seal with super shine and final coat with neat’s foot oil for major durability and resistance to the weather on the wild.

Whether you want a great camp knife or a knife that can kill your dinner, the Survival Knife made by Cavazos Knives is a great buy.

The best way to contact Alfonso is on Instagram at @cavazos_custom_knives

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