Review: Krazy Beaver Shovel

Krazy Beaver Shovel

Krazy Beaver Shovel







Quality of Construction





  • Made in USA
  • Looks Awesome
  • Multi-Functioning Design


  • Priced Higher than Other Shovels


This is not your grandfathers shovel. The Krazy Beaver shovel carries the nickname Murder Spork, because that’s exactly what it looks like. When you are off-roading and get stuck you need a shovel that can really penetrate the earth and get you out.

The Krazy Beaver Shovel is an American Made beast, measuring at 40 inches tall and made of 13-gauge heat treated tempered steel, twice the thickness of a residential shovel, it is perfect for off road, camping and hunting. The serrated teeth are reinforced to prevent breaking or bending. The shovel is powder coated inside and out to prevent rust.
The head to handle connection has a permanently mounted solid 14” fiberglass reinforcing core to withstand breakage during the most extreme circumstances. The shaft of the shovel is hollow and can be accessed from the handle to store small items, which is a perfect place to store survival gear.

Apart from the amazing performance of the Krazy Beaver Shovel is the killer look of it. You can easily see why they call it the Murder Spork, it looks like it could easily fit in a scene of Walking Dead. If the zombie apocalypse does happen, you will be happy you purchased this shovel.

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