Review: K Bar Soap Co.

K Bar Soap - Reveille

K Bar Soap - Reveille

Cleaning Power






Long Lasting





  • Coffee Grounds to Exfoliate
  • Great Subtle Smell


  • Expensive for one Bar
  • Back gets soft because you can only set it on one side
  • Left Hands Dry

One of the big trends we're seeing a lot of is "gourmet" men's grooming products. I've seen my share of the next big beard oil, small batch shampoo and dudely soap. I've picked out a few of my absolute favorite badass soaps and will be starting with the Reveille bar from K Bar Soap Co.

K Bar Soap is owned by U.S. Marine Veteran Chris McKinney and he has spent countless hours perfecting his product to smell great, clean effectively and last longer than all of his competitors'. Check out their About Us for more details on the company and their process.

At first I thought this grenade-shaped bar of soap was going to be a cute novelty to set out on the counter when friends were coming over. But let me say, after just a few times of using the badass product, I was hooked.

The Reveille Bar comes with ground up Black Rifle Coffee in the soap as an aggregate for exfoliating. I've never used an exfoliating hand soap before but, as you can imagine, it really helps to remove old dead skin and soften up your hands.

Another thing I love about this soap compared to others is the smell. This has a very subtle, fresh smell compared to some that leave you smelling like you've been chopping cedar logs your whole life.

The few things I didn't like about the product were that the flat side would stay wet and get extra soft because you aren't able to rotate the sides you set it down on (because of the grenade on one side). This would affect the life of the bar, but there are plenty of soap dish options available for solving that problem. Another thing I noticed was that my hands were drying out a little more than when I used my old soap. The last issue I had was the price. For $12.99 you're getting one bar compared to the 20 pack of Irish Spring you can get from about $15.

All in all, this is a really great product made by great people. I would highly recommend at least giving them a try.

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