Review: Gunpowder Steak and Brisket Seasoning

Gunpowder Steak Seasoning

Gunpowder Steak Seasoning

Flavor Boldness


Balance - Hot vs. Sweet




Versatility of Meats





  • All around Seasoning that works with different meats
  • Good Blend of Spices that Cover Different Aspects if Taste
  • Doesn't Overwhelm Natural Flavors of the Meat


  • Initial Appearance can be Off-Putting
  • Not a Good Seafood Blend

Today’s review is done in the kitchen! We were able to get our hands on a product called Gunpowder Steak and Brisket Seasoning, Made by Grill Your Ass Off!, a Native Texan, Veteran-owned company with a great selection of different rubs, seasonings, and some pretty good gear as well. I dusted up a ribeye with some Gunpowder and finished off with some great results.

(Disclaimer: I cooked everything on a stovetop today. I’m normally a griller, but when I try a new product or seasoning, I want to remove factors like smoke/wood flavoring so I can get a good baseline of flavor.)

They don’t call this stuff ‘gunpowder’ for no reason! When I first got it, I poured a little bit out on a napkin to taste it and it came out pitch black, and ‘wisped’ a little bit. The first taste gave me a good indicator of what I was in for, black pepper and salt, some garlic, and just enough red pepper to let you know it’s there. Looking at the ingredients, the only surprise I saw was activated charcoal, which explained the ‘wisp’ I saw when I poured some out.

The ribeye I cooked set up for about 20 minutes with some Gunpowder on it, and I seared in the skillet with a touch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 2.5 minutes per side (I’m eat beef rare, because damnit I’m Texan.) As soon as it finished I took it off and put it on a cutting board, and started cutting it. The taste was excellent, with the garlic notes coming through and a good peppery (but not burn your ass!) finish.

BONUS! After I finished the steak and tasted the seasoning, I realized that this could be a pretty versatile rub. I pulled out a boneless chicken thigh and sliced it fajita-style, gave it a shot of gunpowder and a squeeze of lime, and threw it in the skillet. (this is also a super quick meal idea if you don’t feel like putting a whole lot of effort into dinner.) It was great, and it definitely didn’t leave anything to be desired.

Gunpowder Steak and Brisket Seasoning by Grill Your Ass Off! Found a permanent spot on the spice rack at my house! A versatile seasoning, with a uniquely Texan taste, a kick ass name and even a conversation piece, this seasoning will continue to be used until I’m out and have to pick up some more. Don’t be alarmed that it doesn’t look like every other seasoning, It definitely stands out in the ever more crowded market of custom seasonings and rubs. For the price, you get a ton of it, and you can even order it in a “big ass bag!” For this Carnivore, I give it a 10/10 would definitely recommend. Check them out!

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