Review: ENSO Silicone Rings

ENSO Silicone Rings

ENSO Silicone Rings



Style Choices


Quality of Construction







  • Many Styles and Colors
  • Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee
  • Stackable Women's Rings
  • Comfort Fit


  • Element Rings Feel Like Plastic
  • Infinity Rings do not Have Vents


There are many reasons that people are not allowed to wear metal rings at their job. Apart from Ring Avulsion, Electricians and welders cannot due to possible electrocution, mechanics and machinist can get the ring cause or crushed in equipment.

Apart from safety there are many other benefits to Silicone Rings, like low cost, many different styles and colors, and they can be extremely comfortable. Many professional athletes have made the swap too since they flex and can be worn while working out or playing sports

Rings made from precious metals aren’t cheap. Gold wedding bands can start at $600 and go well over $2000. Platinum rings are even more expensive. Enso Rings are incredibly affordable and even our Elements Collection rings, which are infused with precious metals, cost less than $80.

Another point to consider is that over 40% of men end up losing their wedding rings during their lifetime. Instead of having to settle for a cheap replacement band after losing a ring, or working to save up your hard-earned cash for a new one, buy an Enso Ring from the very beginning and reduce your risk.

Enso Rings have raised the bar with their designs. They have some neat stackable rings where you can mix and match colors and designs to match any outfit or your favorite sports team. Their Element collection does a great job with making a simple silicone ring look like a metal band. They have yellow gold, copper, silver and rose gold.

Enso Rings can be found in many retailers thought the country and has a great customer service department to back their 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. They will even exchange the ring for a better size, color or style. Between their guarantee and amazing designs, Enso Ring is definitely a good choice for silicone rings.

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