Review: KeyBar Aluminum

KeyBar - Aluminum

KeyBar - Aluminum







Quality of Construction





  • Lightweight
  • Great Organization
  • Endless Uses
  • Solid Construction
  • Made in USA


  • High Price

KeyBar is a key ring on a completely different level, it is a complete key organizer. Where traditional key rings are bulky and make a lot of noise, the KeyBar consolidates and organizes. With all the available accessories, there are endless of applications and combination. They are made from many different materials, including aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber.

We were given the Aluminum KeyBar to test. Since I received it, I have used it every single day. The quality is just amazing, the brushed aluminum hides small scuffs. When you hear aluminum, it brings thoughts like light weight to mind, but not strong. This KeyBar has been dropped, slid, even thrown and still looks great.

When we say endless of applications and combinations, we mean it. There are hundreds of accessories to add to the KeyBar, anything from bottle openers to USB drives. KeyBar has even partnered with Klecker Knives to create the Stowaway Tools. There are combs, tweezers, LED light, fire starter, seatbelt cutter, knife blade, and even a Griffin pocket tool.


When it comes to the value, the price matches the level of quality. The Aluminum KeyBar has a MSRP of $45, different material, special finished and accessories and make your KeyBar in the hundreds of dollars quickly.

KeyBar as a company is leading the way with all sorts of CNC machined products. Be sure to check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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