Does the old “carrot in a shotgun” gag really work like it did on Bugs Bunny?

We all grew up with the Wascaly Wabbit besting Elmer Fudd with the old “carrot in the shotgun” gag. The gun would blow up in Elmer’s face and Bugs would live to fight another day. Over at Demolition Ranch, Matt plugged up a pump-action with a carrot just to see what kind of damage would really be done.

So does it work? Yes and no. The craziest thing is the barrel did fissure and burst open, but the force of the shotgun blast proved to be too much for the carrot and ended up sending IT flying into the turkey target he was using. So, myth sort of busted?

DON’T try this at home. Matt is a gun enthusiast/veterinarian who has made a side career testing dangerous weapon malfunctions.


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