5 Best Prepper Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2018

Many of us have scoured the iTunes store searching for podcasts that have valuable information and upload on a regular basis. I have spent hours downloading, streaming, and listening to podcast from iTunes and Stitcher, trying to find one with great information. In this article, we will list the top 5 best Prepper Podcasts that you should be listening to in 2018.

These podcasts have defiantly improved overtime, but much of their past episodes and articles are still extremely relevant.

1. The Survivalist Prepper - Survivalist Prepper, all about survival for preppers, prepping and living off the grid without all the "tin foil hat" stuff. Learning how to become self sufficient and living without any outside help from the government. Stay up to date with the latest prepper news and information like bugging out and bugging in.

2. Casual Prepper - They discuss survival/prepper topics in an entertaining, yet useful fashion for the average Joe. Whether for a zombie apocalypse or natural disaster.

3. The Prepper Guy - A Blogger, Podcaster and Preparation Coach. He help New Preppers that feel overwhelmed to gain a sense of balance and purpose of what matters most.

4. The Realistic Prepper - The Realistic Prepper Podcast takes a practical approach to emergency preparedness. Jack & David discuss ideas & best practices that the everyday person can use to be more prepared for themselves and their family.

5. The Prepper Podcast - The Prepper Podcast up-to-date survival podcast based on military, wilderness, and modern day survival. He is a real person with a real family, discussing real issues. he doesn't exaggerate or suger-coat anything, I just tell you like it is.


I hope that this list has given you a vast amount of knowledge and will help prepare you for any future disaster. As always check out our Gear Reviews and YouTube page.

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