11 Premier Survival Blogs to Read in 2018

There are 11 Survival Blogs you should be following in 2018. Of these eleven, there is one that stands out above all the rest…

We have all googled and tried to fine a great website that is full of great survival tips. Personally, I have spent hours searching and reading blogs that do not contain good information. Sometimes the information might be good, but it will be out of date. After spending countless of hours researching we believe these are the top survival blog experts. In this article, we are going to show you the top 11 Survival Blog sites that you need to be reading in 2018.

1. Wilderness Survival Skills
2. SurvivalBlog.com
3. Survive-All
4. Survival Ready Blog
5. OffGrid Survival
6. Survival Frog Blog
7. SHTFplan
8. SurvivoPedia
9. American Prepper Network
10. Urban Survival Site
11. Apartment Prepper


I hope that this list has given you a vast amount of knowledge and will help prepare you for any future disaster. As always check out our Gear Reviews and YouTube page.

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